Our livery yard is surrounded by rich meadows, woodlands, ponds and wetlands. We have plenty of off road trails and quiet country lanes for memorable riding experiences. Packages can be tailored to your needs.

Join our livery yard

Full Livery

Our full Livery service caters for all your horses needs 7 days a week. Hay, haylage and straw is included, use of the solarium and our all weather floodlit 20 x 40 menage.

Part Livery

Our part livery service has been designed for those who wish to be more involved with the day-to-day care of their horse. We will provide care 5 days a week, leaving you responsible for 2 days of your choice. These days can be flexible to suit you. Hay, haylage and straw is included.

DIY Livery

We leave it up to you! As with all options you can come and see your horse any time but with DIY you do the work yourself. We are on hand to offer support and help should you request it and we also offer services such as mucking out, bring in, turn out etc  as and when you need them.

Grass Livery

Grass livery provides you with a field in which to keep your horse. You are responsible for all care of your horse on a daily basis. As always we are on hand to offer support and help should you request it.

Hunter Livery

Our hunter livery service provides you with all of the benefits of full livery and also includes exercise of your horse Tuesday to Friday, daily grooming and much more. Please enquire for more details.

Holiday Livery

Our holiday livery enables owners to go away on holiday knowing that your pony/horse is in great hands and will be well cared for. Your pony / horse would be kept on a full livery basis.

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