Have you always wanted to own your own horse but never had the time or money. Take this opportunity to either part or full loan one of our exceptional ponies and horses.

Having your own pony or horse is a tremendous responsibility and a huge cost, as some of you may know. At KA Horses we offer you the chance to part or full loan one of our exceptional ponies and horses. Loaning gives you the flexibility of returning the horse if your circumstances change or if your child out grows the pony. It also gives you the opportunity to decide days and times that will suit you.

Who can loan a pony or horse?

The loan scheme is open to all clients of KA Horses Equestrian Centre who can demonstrate adequate riding skills, who are mad about riding and caring for horses in all weathers and want to experience the responsibility of horse ownership.

Typically loaners will  be encouraged to join in lessons to build a strong relationship between the horse and rider.

Part loan a pony or horse.

The part loan scheme will entitle you to 3 days per week with you pony or horse. You will be able to provide grooming, feeding, mucking out and exercising giving you the experience of owning your own pony or horse.

Full Pony or Horse Loan

Our full loan a pony or horse scheme entitles you to 7 days per week with one of our fantastic ponies or horses. You will gain the full experience of owning your own pony or horse enabling you to groom, feed, muck out and exercise.  

Enquire about loaning a horse or pony.

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